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Dougal Allan & Team triumphant in China

Dougal Allan, and the wicked kiwi team of Simone Maier, Sam Clark and Sam Manson, have successfully defended their title at the 2019 Weng'an Mountain Outdoor Race. The three day, stage race offers a gruelling mix running, mountain biking, kayaking, abseiling and caving, and the conditions on course this year ranged from wet and treacherous, to baking hot sun. The team were victorious across all three days, and won the event by over 20 minutes overall. It has been fantastic to follow the race from back home! Massive congratulations to this incredible team!

Dougal has posted a fantastic race report on his blog, so you can read more about how the race unfolded here: Weng'an Mountain Outdoor Race.

The Dream Team - Dougal Allan, Sam Clark, Sam Manson, Simone Maier

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