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Clutha Classic Race Handicaps

RIGHTO! The below link will open the final handicap and start list for The Clutha Classic & Sprint on Tuesday 28 December. Remember this is not a perfect science (and don't forget it was you who provided your 10km times) so don't fret if you think you're not in the right wave - just get out there and enjoy it! Important notes:

  • Remove all old boat & helmet stickers (heat with a hair dryer and they peel nicely)

  • Clean & dry your boat so we don't get your local river nasties

  • Remember your compulsory gear

  • Bring your helmet to registration so we can apply your RFID timing sticker

  • Bring your My Vaccine Pass to registration

  • Tell your driver to keep it slow on Oliver Road to respect residents & follow flags to the getout

Timeline 0800-0930 Registration for both races-Eely Point 0800-0930 Scrutineering (Clutha Classic) 0900-1030 Scrutineering (The Sprint )Albert Town boat ramp 0945-1000 Clutha Classic race briefing 1045-1100 Sprint race briefing, Albert Town boat ramp 1015 First wave starts - Clutha Classic 1115 First wave starts – The Sprint, Albert Town boat ramp 1330 Estimated first finisher 1500 Estimated last finisher

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